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Título: Easy way to get a lot of money in [WORKING]
Publicado por: MadLad69 en febrero 09, 2018, 12:37:08 pm
1. .Download The Extension "Violent Monkey" In Your Chrome/Firefox

2.Join With This Link To Get Extra 50 Coins-

3.Go To Page.

4.Now Click Violent Monkey Icon From Your Toolbar.

5.Then Choose "Find Scripts For This Site"

6.Select "Ebonus Pro" And Install The Script.




var coinsclicker = setInterval(function() {
}, 1000);
window.ClickNext = function(){
if ($(".coins_popup").length > 0) {
window.ClickOnBubble = function(){
if ($(".sweet-alert.showSweetAlert.visible").length > 0) {

7.Click "Confirm And Save Settings" To Save The Script.

8.Now Go To Ebonus - Watch Video Page And Now You Will Get Coins Automatically!

9.In This New Method,
The Video Remains On..After A Certain Time You Get Coins And The Page Refreshes.

10.This "Ebonus Captcha Skip" May Work For You..Try It And Tell Me - I Think This Just Ignore Captchas If Shows!

11.Sometimes You May Get A Message "Daily Cap Watching 50 Videos Finished" So Just Try Method After 30mins It Will Work Again!